A majority of small companies input data into various computer systems, but do not know how to get the data out, let alone act on the findings.

That is where we come in!  

Not only will we unlock your data, but we will provide bespoke reports and dashboards that can be instantly refreshed with the click of a button. Enabling you to manage your business based on facts, not guesswork.

Unlocking Your Data

Unleashing your businesses potential through Software, Data, Processes and Training

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Power BI & Clicdata

Interactive Dashboards are now a crucial part of many businesses.  Whether it's internal to monitor your workloads and efficiency or external-facing for your customers to report on the work you have done for them.

Sounds expensive right?  No! - A Power-BI license is £9 per month, including the software to connect to thousands of data sources such as SQL, Web-API's, Excel, ODBC, etc.

A simple single page Dashboard can be created and linked to live data within an hour!


One to One


Why spend time and money on a software training course when 75% of what is taught you won't use, already know or won't understand!


We will sit with you, gauge your current level/abilities and tailor the training to suit the needs of your actual role.



These days there are numerous software packages all claiming to be better than their competitors and all using geeky acronyms such WYSIWYG, SaaS, API's and  IoT, basically just to make them sound good.

A majority of market leading software solutions are No.1 due to their marketing and/or sales people, not because their systems are the best!


We will sit with you to understand your business and then help you choose the best solution based on cost, functionality and customer support.

With over 25 years of business experience in I.T., I have worked in various roles ranging from "Techie" for a small company, Developer for an S.M.E. to I.T. Director of a PLC.

Throughout my career I have always provided a hands-on approach with my customers, to ensure that I am up-to-date with the latest technology trends as they emerge.

Lee Pantling - Director

We are confident we can make you or any of your employees more productive!


So why not test us out for free! (subject to your location)

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